Nutrition: Nourishing Traditions

Nutrition 2012: Nourishing Traditions
We are compromising our health with convenience foods and processed foods. 90% of the foods that we consume are processed foods. Diets don’t work when we replace one processed food with another processed food. Even our “health foods” are just more of the same – processed foods. Where are the real foods that will guarantee healthy babies and children, that will help us maintain proper weight, that will build strong immune systems to fight and prevent disease, that will provide us with our ultimate goal - optimal wellness? The landmark research of Weston A. Price proved that processed foods cause nutritional and physical degeneration and documented the traditional foods that guaranteed health. Take control of your health, your weight, and your life by replacing your current diet of lifeless, chemical based processed foods with a nutrient dense traditional diet, using Sally Fallon’s book, “Nourishing Traditions” as your guide. Taught by Jim Pirisino, a board certified and licensed nutritionist.

Thurs 7pm-9pm, Apr 16, 23, 30, 2013
Howard Community College (HCC) Evening Class - Class held at Centennial High School

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